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Unleshing the True Me
Monday, 7:00-8:00 PM

Join us for a Private Zoom Meditation Class for our community with renowned mystic, author and speaker Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf.

Topic: Unleashing the True Me: ​​​​ Meditations to Train Positive Attitudes During Times of Crisis

  cookingclasses.jpg Cheesecake Bake
Tuesday, 7:00-8:00 PM
Join us to have fun in the kitchen while we explore the holiday of Shavuot and the custom of eating dairy as part of the celebration.

SHAVUOT: How, What, & Why? 
Wednesday 7-8pm
This class will enrich your appreciation for the lesser-known festival Shavuot. We will explore its history, discover its significance, and learn about the traditional observances associated it.

Shavuot includes delightful traditions such as adorning the home with flowers and enjoying dairy treats, and somber customs such as studying Torah all night and Yizkor—remembering our loved ones. It includes rules that are unique to Shavuot and others that are common to all Jewish holidays. We will present and explain these traditions and empower you to do it yourself.


Shavuot Service
Reading the 10 Commandments 

Celebrate the holiday of Shavuot with a short Prayer service and Torah Reading.

Pre-packed dairy treats will be distributed.