An Evening with Chana Weisberg

An Evening with Chana Weisberg

Soulmate or Stalemate

Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016 • 7 p.m.

At Chabad Jewish Community Center
3579 Arlington Ave. Suite 100, Riverside, 92506

Based on Jewish teachings and philosophy, Chana Weisberg offers insight into common issues that men and women confront. She uses the paradigm of the Genesis story of Life in the Garden of Eden to illustrate the inherent gender differences that create so much confusion and miscommunication in marriage. Join Chana Weisberg on an illuminating journey that will inspire better understanding and improved relationships.

Geared to both those in a committed relationship and those seeking one.

Delicious dessert tables

$15 in advance by 1/15
$ 23 After 1/15

Chana WeisbergChana Weisberg, a resident of Lakewood, N.J., is an internationally acclaimed scholar and speaker. She is the editor of and author of five popular books.


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