Partners in Jewish Life

    Partners in Jewish Life is an initiative to support the Riverside Chabad's efforts to enrich Jewish life in our area and ensure continued growth of our organization through monthly or annual recurring donations. All Partners will be recognized on the Tree of Life displayed in our center.

    Your contribution is essential to help our community grow and flourish as we see our Tree do the same. Chabad Jewish Community Center is completely supported by the local community. We receive no monetary support from, nor do we contribute to, Chabad Headquarters. This means that 100% of your donation is spent locally.

    Receiving contributions on a monthly basis by secure electronic transactions enables Chabad Jewish Community Center to budget for maintaining and expanding programs for Jewish life.

     Click here to review all levels of partnership. All Partners in Jewish Life will have the opportunity to select their location on the Tree of Life on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Thank you for your interest in our Community.

The Finance Committee

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Current Partners:

Mr. R. Avery

Mrs. Baker

The Berger & Barnes Family

Mr. & Mrs. K. Baumoel

Mr. & Mrs. I. Berliner

Mr. & Mrs. J. Blanco 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Blanco 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Blumenthal 

Ms. Browne 

Mr. P. Curtis 

The Daniel Family

Mrs. & Mrs. A. Dinar 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Edgson

Mr. & Mrs. S. Fischman 

Mr. J. Fisher 

Ms. Flowers

Mr. & Mrs. A. Fuss

Ms. R. Ginsburg

Dr. & Mrs. P. Glukhovsky

Mr. & Mrs. D. Goldberg

Ms. S. Goren 

Dr. & Mrs. C. Hyman

Ms. Judman 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Kalani 

Mr. J. Katzman

Dr. Michel and Odile Lapidus 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Lang 

Dr. & Mrs. W. Marcus

Ms. A. Marks 

Ms, N. Myerscough 

Ms. Noama & Family

Mr. & Mrs. J. Parsi

Mr. & Mrs. S. Pancer 

Mrs. & Mrs. J. Pell 

Mrs. J. Reikes 

M. I. Ivy Meyer and Teri Troy

Ms. L. Robertson 

Mrs. E. Rosenberg 

Mrs. N. Santini 

The Schrier Family

Ms. Z. Schwalb

Mr. & Mrs. B. Shapiro 

Mr. M. Sims

Mr. & Mrs. N. Smeke 

Mr. & Mrs. D. Soury

Mr. & Mrs. L. Stern 

Mr. & Mrs. R. Tobey

Mr. & Mrs. C. Trupp

Mr. & Mrs. J. Vazquez

Mr. & Mrs. G. Ward

Mr. & Mrs. B. Wyatt 

Mr. & Mrs. N. Zarrinfar