Chanukah Festival Raffle, Pre-Orders & Discounts

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      Meal 1 Shish Kabob (Chicken), 2 Latkes, 3 cookies and 1 drink$8.00           Quantity:
      Meal - 1 Hot Dog, 2 Latkes, 3 cookies and 1 drink - $7.00                           Quantity:
      Latkes - 2 Large Latkes - $3.00                                                                 Quantity:
      Matzah Ball Soup - 1 Large Cup (16 oz) - $4.00                                          Quantity:
      Cookies - 3 Chanukah Cookies - $2.00                                                      Quantity:
        Soda - $1.00                                                                                             Quantity:
        Hot Tea - $1.00                                                                                         Quantity:
        Hot Coffee - $1.00                                                                                      Quantity:
        Hot Chocolate -  $1.00                                                                                Quantity:
        Bottled Water - $1.00                                                                                  Quantity:
      1 Raffle Ticket -$2.00                                                                                 Quantity:
        3 Raffle Tickets -$5.00                                                                                                Quantity:
       1 Raffle Ticket - Diamond Ring (in addition to the free raffle ticket for RSVPing) -$5.00            Quantity:
        Moonbounce: Unlimited Access - $1.00                                                        Quantity: 
        Candle Making - 1 Candle - $2.00                                                                Quantity: 
Donations and Sponsorships
Donations and Sponsorships will be acknowledged online and at the festival.

Chabad Jewish Community Center of Riverside is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization; all contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

       Co-sponsor - $180.00                                                                               Quantity: 
       Sponsor - $360.00                                                                                    Quantity: 
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