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Western Kosher Food Orders

Western Kosher Food Orders



We are trying out a new service with Western Kosher - a LA grocery store - to offer kosher food deliveries to Riverside! With enough interest, we will be able to organize regular deliveries.

Instead of driving to LA to pickup your food, simply order online and have your food delivered to our Chabad center.

Delivery date is set for  Wednesday, September 13th, in time for the High Holidays. 

*** Order must be placed by Tuesday, Sept 12 11:59 PM ***


1. Visit to start your order. 

2. Enter your zip code in the green box in the upper right corner, and then click CHECK.


3. Click Register


4. Complete the registration form.

5. You can now login and enjoy shopping with pictures, prices and search features!

If you have any questions please call Chabad 951-222-2005