Free Mezuzahs

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Through a grant from Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov Weinbaum we now offer Mezuzahs for free* to all those wishing to add one in their home or office.

Is your Mezuzah a blessing?

If it's an "original" hand written Mezuzah on scared parchment, if it's written in Torah script by an ordained and dedicated scribe, then it identifies, sanctifies and protects your home with its blessing. But, if you are not sure, or your Mezuzah has been up for more than 7 years (since according to Jewish Law it should be inspected to ensure that the ink has not faded and that parchment is still intact), click here or call us at 951-222-2005 and we will be happy to come to your home or office, free of charge, and inspect your Mezuzah. If you are moving into a new home, apartment, or office, we will help you make the proper blessings and put up the Mezuzah correctly.

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